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Our Strategy

Great Lakes applies sound business and real estate principles to its decision making.  The Company seeks to find retail development sites that are expected to benefit from future residential growth and increasing market demand.  Using this model, acquired sites are more affordable and the full development cycle is not overly extended.  The end result is that the project cost-to-value relationship is enhanced to maximize potential investment returns.

The Company works with its consultants to design projects that will meet all of the stringent requirements of regulatory entitlements, physical development, acceptance in the marketplace and financial viability. Great Lakes uses its experience, its team approach and its effective systems-driven tools to accomplish all of this.

Great Lakes has organized itself as an efficient, responsive and focused competitor that can capitalize on retail development opportunities quickly.

The Company implements land sales, ground leases, build-to-suits and ground-up multi-tenant retail income property developments. It also utilizes various financial strategies, including hedging long-term interest rate risk. These strategies diversify the Company’s risks, manage financial leverage, and allow for superior performance.

Construction for land development activities is generally carried out by Great Lakes as its own general contractor. The resulting control and cost savings are substantial. Vertical construction has been handled by dedicated general contractors. Leasing is performed some in-house, and some by national and regional brokerages.

Great Lakes is energetically seeking more investment and development opportunities.

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